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I've been at this point in life before, where friends I'd had for years are suddenly in question. And it happens... it sucks, but it happens. You start to grow and mature into this different person and they're either stuck in the past or they're just growing in a different direction. It doesn't make either of you wrong, necessarily, but it does mean the same closeness just can't be expected anymore. The friends I moved on from were the ones I met through church and religion, something I've obviously grown out of. I love them still, I always will, but for obvious reasons I probably can't bring the people I love right now around them either.

Long blabbering story short, point is that this is sadly normal. But it does mean you're growing. And even though you're changed, and they're changed, doesn't mean there's no one left to trust. It just means you're at a new point now where new and different friends are ready to love and trust you and earn the same from you. You know us... we're damn sure not about to judge a woman on her size. ;) If anything we'll ask if you share (and respect if you don't)... I implore you not to stop trusting, or assume because of this life change that you can't find that closeness with friends again. You can. I won't push you into it, but know that there are people out there who are willing to love and fight for your trust and friendship. And know that I'm one of them.
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